August Shooting Academy

Hello Coaches and Parents,
Our Shooting Academy will take place in the evenings during the month of August. The first two weeks registration is open to players making the twice a week commitment so we can build on our teachings each day. The Shooting Academy will be open for Boys and Girls 3rd-12th grade.
The month of August will be dedicated to strictly shooting. Players will work thru our teaching progressions and each week we will add a new component. I can not stress how important it is for players to learn how to shoot the RIGHT way at a young age.
  • Week 1: Balance, Footwork, Form, Catch and Shoot
  • Week 2: Footwork and technique off the dribble
  • Week 3: Footwork and technique out of a triple threat opportunity
  • Week 4: Motion Shooting Concepts and Shooting Challenges
By registering for our August Shooting Academy it will not guarantee that your child will become a great shooter, that will be up to them and their commitment level. But I will guarantee players will learn concepts to help them have a chance at becoming a great shooter and most importantly they will learn how to shoot the right way.