The Breakaway Challenge Clinic

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5 day challenge clinic

1.5 hours each day. This 5 day clinic is open for players 3rd-8th grade. In these 7.5 hours of training players will receive the following:

All players will go through skills and drills. While participating in these skills and drills, players will be evaluated by all Breakaway coaches. Before the start of Day 2 players will be put on a team.

Day 2,3,4

All players are now placed on a team ( 8 teams) and each day try to earn Team points and Individual points for their group. All Challenges will be based on skill development and working effectively as a team.

Day 5

This day we begin our 3 on 3 Tournament, Playoffs, and Championship Games.

Prizes and gifts will be awarded for the following:
  • Overall 3 on 3 Championship Team
  • Individual Shooting Champion
  • Individual Ballhandling Champion
  • Individual Layup Champion
  • 1 on 1 Champion
  • The Breakaway Mindset:

    Players will learn life skills and messages that will help instill confidence, discipline, respect, and truly learning how to operate outside of their comfort zone. Helping players learn how to work hard and understanding that being successful at anything is a process. Every journey will include hard work, focus, perseverance, and patience. We are excited to support your child on their own individual journey.