Changing the Game
One Community at a Time

Hello Coaches and Parents,
We are very excited to start our Fall programming with all of our players starting next week. I continued to be humbled by the record number of players involved in our programs as well as the growth in our new locations. This is only possible with great coaches and great families who have helped in sharing the message of Breakaway to others. For that I want to say Thank You and for anyone involved in our program my focus is always on the people. From the start it has always been key to me that the most important part of our program should be our coaches. I continue to hire and train coaches who love kids and want to motivate and inspire kids to pursue their passions. Coaches who have a great personality and energy for life. Ones that realize communicating and connecting are key to gaining the trust of our athletes. As Breakaway has grown I never wanted to lose the quality. So with that we have grown slowly to make sure I have the right people for the program. I am very excited about where we are at and where we are going.
I always say that Breakaway is in this to change the game for our youth. Continue to be a place where the lessons that the game should teach are being taught. Lessons such as focus, work ethic, discipline, communication, teamwork, sacrifice, perseverance, and patience. For us these are lessons we are trying to teach every night. Teaching athletes how to dribble, pass, and shoot are much easier to teach and happen everyday in our program. But those life skills are the core of what we are trying to instill in our kids each and every day.
Breakaway now trains over 8K players a year and partners with over 200 travel teams thru out Illinois. Hinsdale Inferno, Downers Grove Wolfpack, Knights Basketball, and Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs were the first programs years ago to trust us with their players. Our relationships with those programs are stronger then ever and I extremely proud to be a small part of their program.
In the last year we are now partners with Oswego Future, Plainfield Future, Naperville Future, Geneva Feeder Basketball, St Charles Storm, Illinois Attack and the Lincoln Way Warriors. Breakaway now gets the opportunity to positively impact their players and coaches each winter.
One concept that I am very excited about that I always felt was necessary was changing the structure for the Park District Winter leagues for the youngest players 1st-4th. Ever since I was a kid the park district model was 1- 1 hour practice plus 1 game on the weekend. We have been working on bringing our model to the most fundamental level and that is the Park District. The local park district is where most 1st-4th graders get their first basketball experience. We know first impressions are very important and we wanted our youngest players to get a great first impression of what basketball can be.
I am very excited that the Oakbrook Park District and the Hinsdale Community House (Jodie Harrison League) will be the first two recreation programs to offer Breakaway Basketball to their players in their winter season. This will guarantee that kids are working on the right things the right way and start having a lot more FUN when its time to play. We know this concept will begin to change how other park districts run their program and we are excited about helping other park districts with this concept.
Once again THANK YOU to all our families, partners, and facility partners in allowing us an opportunity to change the game for their youth players inside of their community. We tell our kids every day that you are either getting better or getting worse- you never stay the same. As the leader of Breakaway I have that same mentality when running the program in making sure we are GETTING BETTER and never relax and get comfortable with our current success.
If you have any questions please let us know and we look forward to seeing you in the gym!
Greg Ktistou
Breakaway Basketball