Breakaway Basketball introduces NEXT our version of 3 on 3 pickup basketball.

I believe there are three stages of skill development. First players must work on their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Then players need to try and transfer those new skills in a competitive game like situation. Lastly, players must have success with their newly learned skills which then ultimately makes them a better player.
Players are learning new skills, but they are no longer finding a place to try and transfer them. Every game your son/daughter now plays is being coached, so that means he will be fearful to try his new skills because he knows he is being evaluated. It forces players to revert back to their old habits and only do what they are good at. This mindset slows the development of our players.
When I was a teenager, after I learned new skills I went to the park or the YMCA and tried them out against other players. Some of my best basketball memories was playing pickup basketball. I was not fearful to make mistakes because I did not have my coach watching me, I just played trying to get better. I also didn't have my parents barking out instructions to me when I was just playing. This allowed me to gain confidence in my expanding game and then allowed me the confidence to display my new skills to my coach. Players have to fail at some point in order to succeed. Eventually those failures become positive results and at that point the transfer of the new skill comes full circle.
Many people link streetball and pickup basketball as the same thing. This is not the case, streetball is going out doing a bunch of moves you will never use in the game and trying to put on a show. Pickup basketball is about getting out and competing. Whether that is in the driveway, outdoor court, or in a gym pickup pickup basketball is a great way to learn how to communicate, compete, and work with others. Playing the game right way, and trying to do what ever possible to stay on the court.
Here at Breakaway Basketball we want to provide an environment where players can just play without the worry of being evaluated. We want to provide a platform where players can try and use their newly learned skills without the fear of being evaluated by a coach. I believe once players start having success with their improved skill set that will lead to permanent results. This class will give players the opportunity to play the game they love without the pressure of having to play perfect basketball.
The best way to learn the game is by playing three on three. Games will be played 3 on 3 Full Court- Short Court. If your team wins you move up, if you lose you go down.
NEXT will be run on Sunday nights during the Spring and Summer.
Every former basketball player developed their game while playing pickup basketball in the neighborhood. It is time to try and give our youth that same great experience of hitting that game winner and yelling NEXT!