Exciting News at Breakaway!

Hello Coaches and Parents,
One common question I ask anyone who wants to work for Breakaway is " Would you do this for FREE? Typically when people hear that question they get shocked or assume I am joking. When I follow up with the question again typically most people do not know how to answer it. You see I want people who LOVE motivating and inspiring kids so much that they would do it free. Now as they do get paid they begin to realize how blessed we are to do what we love and make a living doing it. If their intentions is ever about money, paycheck, or salary then that coach does not love it the way we do. Myself and my guys understand that when you do what you love and you do it with your heart eventually great things will follow.
For me personally I coached from 23 years old- 30 years old for free. I absolutely loved coaching, I wanted to learn, I wanted to make an impact, and I wanted to develop my philosophy. The kids and the teams I was part of during those 7 years changed my life and helped open my eyes to something I saw was possible. I always felt guilty knowing that I could make money doing something I love. I grew up and thought that work was supposed to be something that you didn't enjoy. My dad would bust his butt for a living working a blue collar job just to pay the bills and provide a life for my mom and two sisters. I would ask how was work and the common response was "Work sucks! Do something you love". My dad's message is with me still till this day. Those words have always been my driving force. I was motivated and obsessed even as a high school kid wanting to wake up and love what I got to do. I did not want to just like it I wanted to pursue what I loved.
At Breakaway helping your child become a better basketball player is easy and is always going to happen. For me though I never wanted Breakaway being just about basketball. I wanted people coming for the basketball, but eventually staying and coming back for the message. The message is what separates us from everyone else. As much as people try to copy our program, our message can not be copied or duplicated because the message is authentic to us and our own personal stories. Our message comes from years of hard work, perseverance, self evaluation, and patience. Every night we get in the gym we aren't juiced to teach your kid how to dribble, pass or shoot. We are juiced knowing that the way we teach it and the stories that come with those teachings have the ability to change your childs mentality and eventually their life. That is why we coach and that is why I hire the right coaches. Our people want to change lives not just make them better basketball players. If it is ever just about basketball then that is a huge disservice to any parent or player.
I wanted to announce our newest opportunity to continue to do more to help kids, parents, and coaches. Starting in 2019 you will now be able to hire me" Coach Greg" to come in and speak to your team, school, organization or company. This is not a rah rah you can do it speech, thats never been my approach. This is about true stories and the lessons that I learned while overcoming so many different challenges. These lessons helped me put together a 10 year professional basketball career and start a company from scratch that is now the largest skill development program in Illinois servicing over 8K players a year. I am not a Ivy League grad or do I have a degree in Psychology. I am a guy just like you, who has faced many obstacles, had many setbacks, but ultimately has been someone who has been obsessed with pursuing my passions and wanting to be someone who woke up and loved what I got to do everyday.
So for me even though I have done a lot of speaking I am excited to take it to the masses. If you are interested in booking Greg or learning more please email jen@breakawaybasketball.com
To once again show people that for me this is about changing lives, ALL bookings in 2019 will be for FREE.
Topics that can be discussed:
  • My Story- 7th grader who was cut and what that turned into.
  • Dealing with sports performance anxiety and self sabotage
  • Being the underdog was easy, dealing with success is hard.
  • Youth Sports its no longer a place where the real lessons sports should teach are being taught.
  • Figuring out what success means to you and then making that a reality.
  • Being diagnosed with a life altering health condition and how you respond.
  • Building a business off of your passion
  • Communicate and Connect the keys in building your business
  • Having the guts to follow your heart not your head
  • If you have any questions please let us know and we look forward to seeing you in the gym!
    Greg Ktistou
    Breakaway Basketball