How Bad Do You Really Want It?

This is a question I ask all of our high school players

How many want to be a great high school player?

Most of the time all of their hands will go up. Then I ask how many are making 500 shots a week on their own outside of their scheduled practices and games? This is where you can usually hear the crickets. Once in awhile a hand or two will go up and those typically are the hands of the best players in the gym.

For me personally on the front page of our website www.breakawaybasketball.com is the article that came out about me 20 years ago. It was 20 years ago where my basketball life changed my entire life. It was the year that I actually saw that hard work and perseverance pays off. It is the main reason why I started Breakaway Basketball, to try and motivate the next generation of players to pursue their passions.

The only reason I had that life changing year was from the commitment I began to make as an 8th grader five years earlier. Basketball was not a 2X a week thing. It became an everyday thing. And when I say everyday, I am not suggesting kids focus on one sport, but I am suggesting that if they ever want to be good let alone great that they better invest some minutes everyday to it. It takes minutes a day to get better not hours!

"When You Improve A Little Each Day Eventually Big Things Occur"

I 100% believe this statement because its exactly what happened to me. You must make an investment in yourself everyday. Just a little extra, and all those little extras add up, until finally the BIG BOOM! I always call it the Big Boom, the moment where you look back and realize how far you came. The moment where all the hard work, discipline, commitment, and sacrifice makes sense. In my opinion most kids never stay around long enough to see their BIG BOOM. Because before anyone has a Big Boom they must first face and conquer much adversity. And during those tough times unfortunately many people quit or stop working as hard because they believe this hard work stuff does not really work. They want the results without going through the entire process. Unfortunately in every process there will be failure and disappointment.

We live in a world that was much different from when I was a kid, but I do not care the road map to being successful is exactly the same. Its the same road map for my grandparents, parents, myself, and it will be the same for my kids.

Have a true vision of what you want, then WORK like heck on making that your reality. There will be ups and downs during the journey, but if you are willing to "improve a little each day eventually big things occur". I think what makes it hard is the simplicity in it. Most want a shortcut, a quicker way to reach their goals, and it just does not work that way.

My three year old daughter looks at two large posters that I have in our garage everyday. She now recites them- my wife thinks I am crazy! But here they are:

"Dreams Do Not Work Unless You Do"

"DREAM BIG, Stay Focused, Work Hard, Surround Yourself With Good People"

I put these up as reminders to myself everyday I pull in or out of the garage. But when my daughter started talking about them on her own I know it was much more powerful.

Like I told the kids tonight at Breakaway, if they want to become great thats on them. It won't be the High School Coach, the AAU team, or Breakaway Basketball- it will be all on them. Coaches in general can definitely help kids get better, but we can not make any of them of great. Greatness will happen when no one else is watching!

So ask your athletes: How much do they really care? How bad do they really want it? How much are they willing to sacrifice?

Please share this table with your child - the power of compound interest begins to take hold.

If a player decided to shoot 300 days a year and on those days the shooting had to be outside of their scheduled practice or games watch what would happen. Now I said 300 days which means I gave the kids 65 days off!!!

MAKE 50 shots for 300 days = 15,000 makes

MAKE 100 shots for 300 days = 30,000 makes

MAKE 150 shots for 300 days = 45,000 makes

MAKE 200 shots for 300 days = 60,000 makes

The crazy thing is an average High School player can make 50 shots with 1 ball and 1 rebounder in 5-7 minutes!

Once our kids truly begin to understand that the future that they want to create is truly in their hands then the possibilities are endless.